may musings

I thought since it’s now May, it’s time to put a post up for this month.  Not that I have much of anything to say or report…but instead I have rather disjointed things in my head.  So this is how my brain rolls at 55.

  • Yep, I’m 55 today.  Got to watch it this year though…blood pressure and salt intake and water consumption and exercise.
  • So far today I’ve exercised, drank water, haven’t had a stitch of salt yet, but hey it’s early.
  • Blood pressure is…oops, kind of high.  Must be stressing about turning a “young” senior.
  • Since I get senior discounts now at odd places: Clare’s Pantry, The Bay, Rona….but not everywhere, I’ve decided I’m a baby senior, as opposed to a toddler senior or a juvenile senior, then the dreaded tweenie senior years…
  • I suddenly feel much younger!
  • My cat just came in the room to tell me “timmy fell down the well”.  Actually, I think he was saying hey old lady, wassup?
  • It’s raining again.  Pouring rain.  bleah.
  • I’m going out to dinner with my family this evening.
  • I’m planning on having the brie fondue.  Maybe two of them.  They’re small and there’s five us of to share…so it’s not as bad as that just sounded.  I’ll get maybe 5 pieces of bread and a few grapes and try not to get stabbed while the hungry masses are employing sharp fondue sticks.
  • Then I’ll have a glass of wine and enjoy having the five of us all together again.  I may get weepy….us old ladies get that way.
  • It’s been since Christmas since we’ve all be in the same city.
  • But now the lad is home from university for the summer and all is right with the world again.
  • Hey, did you know there isn’t an IKEA in Halifax?  In fact, informs the lad, the closest IKEA for them is Montreal!  I don’t think I could manage very well.
  • So I want to know where all the university students get their cheap furniture!
  • I wish it would stop raining!!!
  • !!
  • I guess those !!s worked because now it’s a couple of hours later and the sun is shining.
  • The Mister took me to lunch today and we ran errands and then stopped at my favourite garden spot to see what’s growing.
  • The tulips were a huge WOW!
  • And that’s all my brain can think of for now.  Time to go stitch something…


the old gal, she ain’t what she used to be

8 thoughts on “may musings

  1. Mr. Puffy

    Happy Birthday Kate! Reading through your musings I couldn’t help but feel comfort in that I’m not the only one getting older and coming to terms with the changes. I think you have entered a timeless period of beauty defined as a woman comfortable with who she is, knows her own style, and carries herself with grace and I only hope that I do it as well as you. xoxoxo

  2. rainyday*knitter

    After reading this I think I fall into the ‘toddler senior’ classification. Still learning the ropes, having a few temper tantrums now and again and I’m potty trained for the time being. I wish we could have been there with our fondue forks wildly stabbing for our fair share! Happy birthday sister.

    1. kate Post author

      Yes, good suggestions! Unfortunately we don’t have Target here yet, but there is a Walmart in his area and of course good old craigslist!

  3. Monica

    May I suggest that you celebrate the age per the birth certificate the whole month? Then take the rest of the year to celebrate the age your heart, mind and body feels like. Happy birthday! Best wishes on your new year!

  4. Rachel

    Happy Birthday Kate! You may not be what you used to be (and I’m not sure for some of us that is all bad!), but it seems you are aging so very beautifully and gracefully!


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