biking around town

For our birthdays this year, The Mister and I got ourselves a pair of nice cruiser bikes and on beautiful weekend days like this one, we like to get out and about, discovering all the great bike routes around town.  Last weekend it was the Seymour Demonstration Forest and this weekend was our urban ride.

This is a great trip around our city…starting at our daughter’s place at one end of False Creek and over to Stanley Park and back, it’s about 25 kms.  We stopped along the way to watch the dragon boat races…

There was a great commotion with the drumming and shouting and it was very exciting….

We rode over the Burrard Street Bridge and went down the very spiffy bike route on Hornby Street, taking us down to the Convention Centre…

It’s so spiffy, it has its own traffic signals.  I like that!

Then once to the water, we cruised by the cruise ships and float planes…

Need a little gas?  There’s a very convenient station for a fill-up!

Then heading around Stanley Park, we stopped by the kid’s water park, the scene 20 years ago where, very surprising to me, I dislocated my kneecap.  It was very dramatic and I got to ride in an ambulance across the Lion’s Gate Bridge, snorting happy gas and giggling like a crazy woman.  I was!

The kneecap found its way back to where it belonged in the ER, and since then I’ve always had the heebeejeebees about that knee.  It’s been fine since, btw.

It’s pretty cool to ride under the bridge…

I didn’t take too many photos around the park.  It was pretty crowded and narrow and there weren’t many good places to pull over and snap.  Actually, I didn’t want to let all those people I passed along the way to pass me while I stopped, then I’d have to do it all over again.  I’m very competitive that way.   But take my word for it, the scenery was gorgeous, the weather perfect…

And then before we knew it, we were headed back home (aka daughter’s place).  I was envious of this little girl’s pink bike and pink helmet.  I think The Mister wanted to race her.  He’s very competitive that way…

And then with our bikes safely packed away in the car, we took the daughter out to lunch and had a yummy meal.

I can definitely do this again soon (Missy, Dennis, shall we?) and thanks for coming along!

2 thoughts on “biking around town

  1. Monica

    Beautiful pictures. It must be so nice to pedal in a bike friendly city. My eyes could not believe the traffic signals for bikers.

  2. rainyday*knitter

    Oh….I can hardly wait. We are taking our bikes in this week for their tune-ups so we’ll be ready!!


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