simplest blocking

simplest blocking by knitter gal
simplest blocking, a photo by knitter gal on Flickr.

This is the sweater that has renewed my faith in knitting beyond the accessory. I’ve had a darned hard time knitting things that a) fit; b) I like. This fits and I like it. I want more, please!

The modifications I made were making the yoke longer by adding one extra set of rounds and so I did one more increase section followed by straight knit rows, up to row 49. Now it comes to just the right spot for the arms. The rest I did as written and just adjusted for the extra 28 stitches made by this extra round. (more details are on my Ravelry page)  The yarn is Cascade Superwash in a dark gray…and I used almost all of four skeins.

The finished bust is now 36″ and the waist decreases to 34″.  I’m so excited to wear it, despite the fact that it’s almost summer!  Maybe I’ll knit one in a nice light cotton, eh?  However, our weather has now skipped summer entirely and we’re now in Autumn, so there…problem solved!

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