simplest sweater

love this, love this, love this!  I’m wearing it today, despite it being June 1st and supposed to be almost summer.  I’m wearing wool today.

Okay, maybe it is a little too warm with the extra long-sleeved shirt underneath, but this is definitely how I’ll be wearing it come fall.

There, it’s a bit more comfortable on its own.  Roomy enough, but not clinging to my lady lumps womanly curves too much…

Modifications:  I added an increase section to the yoke, otherwise the underarm would have hit too high.  I added a row of single crochets along the bottom.  It will still roll, but not as much as it would without it.  I also added the row of single crochets along the neck edge and it doesn’t roll at all now.  The sleeves still roll and that’s fine with me.

Ravelry Link with all the details.

And now I’m so excited that I get to start my TTL Mystery Shawl 2012!  Let the fun begin!

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