sun break

After what seems like weeks, years!! of endless unrelenting rain, we had a day with actual sunshine.  Actually, I didn’t care if it was sunny (well, I loved the sun) or cloudy, as long as it was dry!  Today was a bit of fun in the city with daughter #1…tomorrow is working on some gardening and getting my front porch spiffed up.  (painted doors, new mat, new cushions on the old wicker chairs, paint the old wicker chairs, etc etc etc…….)

But today we went for brunch, did some shopping and then wandered around the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the new exhibit on the collection of the Cone Sisters of Baltimore (Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Renoir).  Now, those sisters really knew how to shop!

I couldn’t take photos inside the exhibit.  I tried to be sneaky, but they were on to me.  But they told me to go in the rotunda and I could take pictures there.  So I did.

And then when we were all done, we went out into glorious sunshine, blinded by the light…we’re like moles living in darkness….

And days like this are never, especially after long bouts of rain, never taken for granted!

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