the front porch project

This was area sadly in need of some sprucing up.  Our front doors have been peeling almost since they were painted by the professional about 4 years ago.  He since moved on to other things, thankfully not painting, and I’ve been fretting over them since.  Luckily, the lad is working for a housepainting company this summer, so I enlisted his services to scrape, sand and prime the front doors.  Then I finished it off with some colour and also painted the wicker chairs (they still need one more coat of a spray…there were spots there a contortionist could not reach with a brush!)


dull and blah, peeling and chipping. welcome or run for your life!

And here it is!  The doors are painted Wythe Blue (Benjamin Moore).  I’m not completely sold on this colour, but with the accessories, I’m liking it more.  It certainly brightens up the place!


Something I’ve thought about for a while is actually painting the brick.  It’s just here and around the front living room windows and it’s just one more colour to deal with.  But it’s kind of scary to actually go there with the paint because there really isn’t any turning back.  I did paint our family room fireplace brick though, years and years ago, and haven’t regretted it a second.  So huh…stay tuned!

The chair cushions and door wreaths are from Pier1 Imports.  The door mat from HomeSense.

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