simple skyp socks

A little knitting is being accomplished, despite little mention of it lately, but yes it’s been kind of slow.  Summer has finally arrived and since it may disappear in an instant, the way the weather is around here, we’re taking every advantage of being outside, doing outside chores and soaking up some vitamin D.

These socks are for the Mister.  The yarn is a heavy fingering (Regia Nautica) and so I cast on 48 stitches.  Luckily enough, the pattern (Simple Skyp) is written in many different sizes.  He wanted a longer leg, so easy to do.  He wanted a nice dark neutral colour, so easy to provide.

The pattern is an easy, free, nicely ribbed pattern.  2-rows to remember.  I can handle that…usually.

Outside, things blooming and growing.  Unfortunately, the carrots, green onions and lettuce seeds I planted in May were totally washed out by the June weather.  But the bushes are flowering, everything is very green and when the weed management is done for the day, it’s a pleasure to sit outside and just enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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