a ghost story

carrie yost astell. I’m probably a good bit taller than she was, and hopefully she wasn’t offended by my ankles showing or the feathers in my hat!

This week I got to play dress up and be a ghost.  it was a lot of fun to put together an outfit and research my ghost and then walk around an old cemetery and tell tales.  We were happy to see so many people come out to visit us ghosts and it was a beautiful warm July day.  Thank goodness it wasn’t the thunder/lightening storm we got the next day.

Sister ghost is chairperson of the local cemetery board and this was their “walk back in time”, a yearly event that seems to be getting bigger each time they hold it.

ruth hough, I believe her name is…she can correct me via ouija board. but isn’t she very chic?

I also got a chance to use daughter Robin’s “Hello Dolly” hat from their high school production.  I’ve got to say, the lady that did the hats for their musical was amazing.  This is just a hat for the chorus.  you should have seen Dolly’s hats!  I would totally be a lady who wore feathers, if I lived back in the day!

I was also very happy to bring my miss mizzle shawl along too.  As for the rest of my costume, it was cobbled together: a combination of goodwill, the back of my closet and the scrap bin at my fabric store.

So if you need a ghost…I’m ready!

a couple of other ghosts…among the founding families of Edmonds, Washington.

the hunter brothers

deputy US marshall, james daniel

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