Well, as mentioned in my last post, I have an actual craft project to show off!  This is the “through the loops mystery shawl, also known as portico” that I started just as I was leaving for Quebec last month and finished this last weekend.  Since I basically knit this shawl once before, only to be frogged because of a gross miscalculation of yardage on my part, the second time knitting it was a breeze.  It’s not a hard shawl to knit anyway.

I used my own hand-dyed yarn.  I had a nice large skein of knitpicks bare laceweight and dyed it in my crockpot one hot afternoon.  The colour is “vermillion” and it’s a gorgeous deep red with a bit of variation in the hue.  Probably an error on my part, but it’s a happy error nevertheless!

It has a beautiful border, graceful scallops along the edge.  I had a near emergency situation when I was blocking it and one of the stitches that I must have missed (dropped) in my bind-off suddenly started to zip up the shawl.  I caught it before it went too far, held it in place with a pin while the shawl blocked and then carefully got the stitch woven back into the fabric and tied off….with the size of this thing (27″x77″) I defy anyone to find it!  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t find it again either!

The details of the shawl is in my Ravelry projects, and in there is a link to the pattern.

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