autumn decor


It would be really nice if I could find my box of fall decorations, but alas, we’ve looked everywhere and they’ve disappeared.  So for now, fall will have to consist of a few pinecones and two wee pumpkins.


And I know it’s not very fall-ish, but my table of plants are doing quite well…despite my neglect.


back to searching….

2 thoughts on “autumn decor

  1. Karen Berthine

    Are you a professional photographer or botanist?! I have an orchid I’d like to send to you. My honey gave it to me months ago … it’s struggling and close to death. So I guess it’s season appropriate?! 😦

    1. kate lore Post author

      Hi Karen…haha…no, my thumb is bordering on black most of the time! I had an orchid I was babysitting once over the summer and it never made it….so maybe it is season appropriate!


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