fall freshness

I’ve never been one to shy away from colour, but when it came time to repaint our bedroom, there was only one colour I was thinking of…white.  And I’m in love with it.  And to keep it from being boring… I do have to have a few colourful accents.  Today I’m painting our bathroom….white of course!  And maybe one wall really different…we’ll see…

Still to do:  replace windows.  replace carpet.  change brass fireplace screen to something less, well… brassy.  make myself a quilt out of hawaiian fabrics and return my son’s gorgeous quilt back to him (although his quilt is PERFECT for the room…sigh).  make a few pillows.  repaint my scarf dresser (not shown…)…..well, the list could go on for a lot longer, but I’ll stop there.

colour on walls is benjamin moore oc-131: white down

Oh, and my waistcoat is all finished except for the crocheted border and buttons.  eeek…I LOVE it!

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