decent days waistcoat

Decent Days Waistcoat is finished finally (and on a very non-decent rainy day), and I think the mister is now wishing he let me knit him a vest with this yarn, like I intended when I bought it.  But no, he said he didn’t really want a brown vest.  So hah…it’s mine…all mine!  Except I’ll bet he tries to steal it….he’s sneaky that way.

This was a very easy knit, just time-consuming with all the little cable twists.  I made it according to the pattern, but instead of knitting it in pieces, I knit it all in one…fronts and back together, so there’s no seaming.  I might move my buttons over a bit because I see a bit of gaposis, and I don’t want that!  sheesh!  And the little mister, the hairy one, wasn’t having any part of the photo shoot.  Damn cat bit me, then clawed me, then as I walked away, chased after me and sunk his claws into my leg for an extra f-you.  Mr. Grumpypants then slunked (or is it slinked?) away and is scheming, no doubt!  He’s sneaky that way too.  Geez, I’m surrounded!

All the details here.

8 thoughts on “decent days waistcoat

  1. rainyday*knitter

    I love it!! And of course might have to make one for me 😀 I was thinking that if your buttons were too girly the Mr. wouldn’t try and steal the vest, but then wait, that wouldn’t stop him necessarily would it.. lol!
    Mr. Grumpypants indeed, what was that all about?


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