crafting tuesdays


Another way to use the blog and keep the camera busy…  weekly updates on crafty things…and yes, I actually wrote myself a note to remember to blog on tuesdays about crafty things.  Such is my memory these days.

So….I started what I think is going to be a scarf…but at times it has visions of blanket grandeur.  Is it insane to think about knitting a blanket out of fingering weight yarn?


I started this as a project to bring on a January holiday and either I’ll be sick of knitting it by the time it’s a scarf, or I won’t want to stop and it’ll become a blanket.  Lord knows I have an incredible stash of sock yarn as well as a huge stash of leftovers.  And sure, if it’s a blanket then it will be a very light blanket, but who doesn’t need a light blanket when heavy is too much?  Or maybe a shawl to drape around myself when I’ve got a chill…which happens during all four seasons for me.


Using scraps, the linen stitch and size 6 needles, I cast on 418 stitches.  I meant to do 400 stitches, but didn’t feel like recounting and really, 400…418…it doesn’t matter.  It’s a lot of stitches and it’s going to be long at 65 inches.  Or wide if it’s a blanket.  Time will tell.

10 thoughts on “crafting tuesdays

    1. kate lore Post author

      the best thing about it is that it’s so easy to set down and pick up without wondering where I was…so it may yet make it to blanket status! And my sanity is always in question anyway…lol

  1. Rachel

    I don’t think I have an opinion on shawl versus blanket but i do think that the stitch/yarn combo is so very beautiful! I love the idea of crafty tuesday by the way…


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