wip wednesday – the ripple, linen stitch and swatching

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated my WIPs and while it seems not much has changed…and that is true, not much has changed, new colours bring me much happiness.

My ripple blanket is growing.  My love for it is growing.  It’s nice that it keeps me cozy and warm now while I’m working on it.  Currently 39″ wide and 45″ long.  I’ll be adding a border to it when I’m done rippling.


I’ve been a bit slower in adding to my linen stitch shawl/blanket.  Still feeling the love for this one too, it’s just reallllly slow, all those 400+ stitch rows and fingering yarn. Now at 12″ width….and I need to quadruple that (at least).  oy!


I’ve been spinning this week and finished plying last night, but had a small remainder left on one bobbin.  I can’t stand to have any waste so I did a direct transfusion onto another bobbin to use it up.  Alas, numbers lie.  They weighed the same, but I still have a bit leftover.  Can I walk away from it?  probably!  Got things to do, crafts to make!


Next: Mishke out of MadelineTosh DK merino in “Tart”.  I’m a tart.  Well, not really, but I could be when I’m wearing this sweater!  Hopefully I’ll have this done by next christmas if the cable gods are with me.


And that’s it for now!  Happy crafting!

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