I was kind of lazy this week, relying more on instagram than getting out a proper camera, but it achieved the same result I guess.  Not sure what this week will be like, heading down to my sister’s while she has surgery.  I’ll be helping out where I can while knitting a boob or two.  She’ll only need one, but why limit yourself to one?  We all should have a choice of boobs to put on in the morning!

I’m using the pattern from knitty.com, tit bits.  And cashmere of course.


hanging out in the living room, talking to my sister on the phone and giving her instagram tips for her new ipad.  hi ukulele, I forgot I was going to learn you.  I’ll do it later…


the next spinning project:  heart of gold, yarn pirate, bfl.  it spins so differently than my last handspun which was super wash merino.  this is definitely hairier and rougher, but the deep colours are gorgeous.



first rhododendron flowers of the season.  yay spring!


speaking of hairy….we like to be cozy.  I’ll miss him this week, but fortunately have a pretty hairy “niece” to pamper, but she’s got a job to do….speed her “mom’s” recovery through purr-therapy.


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