Started the week out in Edmonds with my sister, and the rains stopped long enough for us to get out and go on a walk at the water.  Great healing therapy!

edmonds ferry



Us sisters.  Who knew a mastectomy makes you shorter (heh) and then my sister told me she was actually sitting on the planter.


I came home to a treat!  My order of Stylecraft Special DK, the Attic24 pack (aka the Lucy Pack) arrived while I was gone.  I ordered this from Deramores in the UK and it arrived sooner than I anticipated, coming from so far away.  Oh my, which blanket to make????

IMG_3141 IMG_3142

Finally got out to do some gardening and oh boy, every muscle I never knew I had is aching.  And so much more to do!


I wish I had taken a before shot.  We did so much in the wild area.  Mister trimmed off all the ivy growing up the large tree trunks.  He cut large branches.  We cleared the ivy back and have much more to do.  See that large pile at the back corner of the fence?  All that is the trimmings.    Yikes!  I was grateful that it started raining and we *had* to come inside and I *had* to go take a long bubble bath.


And now it’s Sunday morning and all is quiet for a while.  No gardening planned today, but hopefully the rains will stay away so we can go for a long walk.  I need to to work out some kinks in my posterior region.

tulips now

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