wip wednesday – the linen stitch blanket




A little update on my blanket. It’s now 23 inches wide and I’m still addicted to knitting this. I have so much yarn yet to use, it has the potential to be gargantuan. Happy wednesday!

12 thoughts on “wip wednesday – the linen stitch blanket

  1. Wow, your blanket is coming out absolutely beautiful. Love the color blendings. What type of yarn are you using?

    • Thanks! I’m using all fingering weight sock yarn…..leftover bits from all the socks I’ve made over the years. I’ve only used a fraction so far of what I have stashed.

      • You must be a very patient knitter, between that stitch and sock yarn you will be working on that blanket for a while. The results however are glorious. I am sick of my dk and wool eater combo I am making for my daughter, luckily I only have 4 more color combos to go.

      • Oh my goodness, I am going to have to try this although even with the testing the knot I will still be nervous about trusting the knot for awhile. When I think of how long I have been weaving long ends under I want to bang my head. Your method will sure make all the ends more manageable. Thanks for the tip!

      • this works really well if you don’t have to change colours at the beginning of the row. I think it also works better with thinner yarn than, say, a bulky where the knot would be more obvious. but yes, I still tug at it and wonder how it all works and stays put!

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