This week in a way was the opposite of the week before. Very quiet, not a lot of photos, working on home projects, spinning in my window and watching the new generation of kids playing in the cul-de-sac….are mine really grown and not playing out there anymore? No idea how that happened!

I started the week with my camera having focus problems. I took it into the shop and it appears to be operator error. Oops! Apparently you can change where you want your autofocus to be and I inadvertently set mine to the far outside corner. Easy fix.. silly me … moving on….

We’re getting new windows for our house, finally!! We have a number of failed cloudy windows that we can barely see out of anymore and decided to bite the bullet and get them all replaced….so now comes the hard fun part… deciding style. I’ve become obsessed with windows. We watched the movie ‘Interiors’ last night and I kept mentioning the windows. Funny how when you’re focused on something like that, that’s all you see. A picture of a family in front of a house? Move aside people, let me see those windows! We drive around neighbourhoods to look at windows. Now, one thing I don’t want is someone looking at our house in 10 years and saying, “Oh, those windows are so 2013.” Which is what I’m seeing a lot of lately….10-year regret windows. See? I’m obsessed! Hopefully we’ll make our decisions soon and get them in before the summer is over and I can move to something else to be obsessed with ….

And that is all! Happy week to you!

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