To mosaic or not?  Now that flickr has a new look, I don’t want to get sick of mosaic format… so back to single file for now.  And here’s the week:

Hanging out at the Lonsdale Night Market.  I’ve never seen so many people down there…despite no photographic evidence of that…but really!! there were lots of people, lots of food/music/stalls.  It was really vibrant…happy to see things going on here after so many years of being kind of dull and boring.



Oh hey, there are people…my people!  Warren, Stewart and there goes Robin rushing to catch the SeaBus and leaving us in the dust.

man, son, daughter

It was the man’s birthday, so we had dinner at a favourite Thai restaurant with 2 of the 3 kids….one is away for a long weekend…sheesh, priorities!

the thai house

Earlier we played the Glen Eagles course and had a great time and there was only one hole where I had a meltdown and forgot how to hit a ball….it was this hole, so when all goes to hell, pick up the ball and get out the camera!  And then I say to myself, “what a lovely day for a walk.”

glen eagles 4

The clematis is blooming…yay!


We spent part of Saturday out at UBC at the alumni event.  We had a tour and private concert at the Chan Centre, visited Big Blue, an 85-foot blue whale exhibit, wandered around the Nitobe Gardens, and really just enjoying the day.

chan steinway

chan concert

big blue

big blue flipper bones

nitobe gardens ubc

nitobe gardens

And I’ll end the week plying the rest of the spools.


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