Well shoot.  All prepared, carefully written, proofed…and poof!  Gone.  I guess that teaches me not to write out a post on my laptop and then think I can cleverly post it from my ipad.  Instead I posted an early draft and lost the completed draft.  Oh well, life goes on……

I don’t want to spend any more time on my computer re-enacting my clever words….not really….so instead it’s back to the ol’ mosaic standby and as you can see…I was out in the garden a lot, am still working on the same crafty projects and went by a mysterious house on a mysterious island, on a cold, foggy morning (I think a murder mystery needs to be written about this place)…about 10 minutes from home and I never knew existed before.

But now I’ve got some holes to dig in the ground and plants to transplant, so I’m off.  Have a happy week!

update: apparently it’s called Grey Rocks Island, is privately owned with “a beautiful house located on it.”  Still mysterious!  

second update: all the photos from this week have mysteriously disappeared from this post and from my computer!  I’m sure it has something to do with that house.  

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