it was a dark and stormy night

Not really.  It was a bright and clear morning.  But how do mysterious houses become suspicious in those circumstances?


She was a lost girl.  Fond memories of her grandfather’s island and the rambling house hidden on it made her long for a return to that place, a place that was sold after her grandfather died.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, as is the way in these things, she got caught up with a drug-runner in Siberia and became more lost and, hence, further away from her dreams of that island home.  But after a chance encounter with a travelling couple from her side of the world, on the Trans-Siberian Railway, she managed to escape from the clutches of both the drug-smuggler and the KGB agent who was on to them….and conveniently come into a windfall of cash.   The lost girl was able to buy the small island back and live happily ever after in the hidden house, drinking coffee and spinning yarns.


greyrocks5 greyrocks1


A mash up of my overactive imagination and the plot of a so-so movie we watched last night.

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