ta-da tuesday

Is that stretching things a bit far? Well, it’s not a work-in-progress anymore and I haven’t been finishing things around here at a very fast speed, so when I have one done, I’m ta-da-ing it! On Tuesday! Stripey McRibs!

stripey mcRibs3

stripey mcRibs4

stripey mcRibs2

It’s completely accidental that the stripes line up perfectly on both socks. I finished the first one and cared not a whit whether the second sock would match up. I mean, with the striping so seemingly random, trying to get it to match would be a major endeavour. So I just started where the yarn was cut from the first sock and lo and behold…it’s a perfect match. I really amaze myself sometimes… hah…

The yarn is Lion Brand Sock-Ease in Rock Candy. My needles were 2.5mm magic loop and the pattern was just a simple ribbed cuff and straight stockinette foot. I’m not sure who they’re for, but I have a feeling they might be snagged by the mister…he’s getting more adventurous in his footwear.

Ravelry link with all the details.

edit: Well that didn’t take long! I love a man who loves handknit socks and John Wayne!


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