Half way there and not a week missed…yet. But I know myself well and I am great at starting things, but finishing…. well, we’ll see!

Summer weather is finally here. I hesitate to mention how warm it is, seeing how much the southwest US is sweltering in high, high temps. For us, high 80s is really warm and it does take some adjustment, but I’m not complaining in the least. Sure it’s warm sleeping at night, but I know only too soon we’ll be back to shivering temps. I love being able to throw on light clothes, flipflops and head out. No boots, coats, umbrellas, warm-woolen knits…oh wait. I actually love that part.

Not a lot going on this week. It’s a long holiday weekend for us and perfect weather to just hang out with the family, putter in the garden, make yummy munchies and read a book.

The week started out with some (a lot) of rain though.  Here are some snippets of the week:



Warren’s auntie had a book reading at the Sun Yat-Sen gardens in Chinatown.  She wrote her first book at age 80 (memoirs of growing up in a small town in BC) and is now working on her second book at age 83.  I love her spunk!

hall of one hundred rivers



The trusted placemats are back out on the table.  I have to say, these are the most pinned of all my projects, and from what I can tell, crocheting rules Pinterest.  I made these out of acrylic and they do great in the elements….and I just throw them in the washer and dryer and they’re ready for a new day.



first daisy

FInally, I added a bloglovin’ button to my widget area.  I’ve been reading lately about google somethingorother closing down and new reader options.  I’ve never used a reader to keep caught up on blogs, and that’s probably why I’ve missed a lot of what I would have like to have read.  So I’ve been adding blogs to the everlovin’ bloglovin’ list and I’ve got to say, it’s the way to go!  Makes it easy to see my favourites as they are updated without forgetting where I have the link, etc.  So anyway, it’s there for your linking pleasure.

Have a great day!

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