wip wednesday – I love lucy bag

Almost there…

lucy bag 5

It’s not quite finished.  I’m undecided about whether I should line it (probably should), add handles (that would be handy..hah), and change its purpose from a bike bag to an all-purpose handy bag (it snagged the first time I plopped it in the bike basket…bleah!)


For now, I put my well-used quilted bag I received in a swap from Chawne inside it, just to give it support…and I love how it looks like that.  The quilted bag needs to live on its own though…I use it all the time… so now I search for fabric to line it (maybe a little-worn cotton blouse) and decide whether to crochet handles or make them out of the lining fabric…which would probably be the better idea, for strength and stability.  I do love the look of the quilted bag handles popping out of the top, looking like bunny ears.


Anyway, just talking my way through this…. I will probably change my mind a few more times. It’s the journey, not the destination sort of thing.  hah.


Lucy Bag.  Clicking on the photos takes you to my Ravelry page.

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