Hi!  Okay, be aware, there are a lot of photos this week!  I was away at my sister’s from Monday till Friday and had a great time walking, biking, eating, museum-ing and volunteering at the local cemetery. Yeah, just your normal week…

I’ve been wanting to ride this trail for a long time…and it didn’t disappoint!.  The Burke-Gilman trail in Washington, north of Seattle, goes miles and miles, is flat, paved, runs through city, countryside, past wineries, farms.  I’ll definitely be doing this one again!



horse in the field

We went to the Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in the Seattle and was blown away by it.  So much glass…so much colour!  I love lots of colour and and this place made my soul very happy.  By day the glass garden was beautiful.  By night, it was lit up and transformed into something unworldly.


chihuly night 1


chihuly night2






peace and love…in glass.

peace and love

I want this.  sigh….

chihuly cerulean macchia

This is the second year I’ve volunteered at the local Edmonds Cemetery for their Walk Back in Time, where we tell stories of some of the pioneers who founded and settled in the area.  It was very well attended, maybe double the number of visitors from last year, and it was a gorgeous sunny day.  Ghosts like sunshine too.

ghost sisters 1

Girding of my ghostly loins to get ready to speak in front of people.  Lots of people.  All staring at me.  I guess dressed this way I’m asking for it…but still…yikes!


Good, now they’re staring at other ghosts.  whew!

walk back in time1

Hanging out with Miss Bibi and knitting, drinking wine and watching a beautiful sunset.


I’ve changed patterns with this yarn.  I was going to do the Mishke, which I love the end result, but I found it too challenging to knit and be able to drink wine at the same time.  Priorities.  So now I’m doing Beatnik from knitty.com.  Frankly, anything knit with this yarn would be stunning, but add cables…. swoooon!




Cheers to you!

6 thoughts on “29/52

  1. christina

    We are moving to Washington state in Five Days! I had to pin the trail and the Chihuly to pinterest in a new board titled “Places I want to visit in the Pacific NW!” thanks for sharing! 🙂 Your photography is beautiful.

  2. Andi

    The images from the glass museum are amazing. I am with you I want that bowl.
    Love it when you and sis are together! I would like to hang out with Miss Bibi too.


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