wip wednesday – the beatnik

Back again!

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I bought this gorgeous madeline tosh dk yarn a few months ago after seeing it made up in a cabled sweater at my LYS. I loved its asymmetrical design with traditional cables and impulsively I bought it, not really looking at the specifics of the pattern. Well, fast forward to last week and trying to figure out the cables, asymmetricalness, short rows, while drinking wine and visiting my sister…well, let’s just say that I wasn’t up to the challenge. I may never be up to the challenge! So I did a quick search on ravelry for cabled sweaters using madtosh dk, I really wanted to do a cabled sweater, and found this one on knitty.com.


It has the same gauge as the first sweater, so all systems were a go. I started it, visiting my sister, drinking wine. Crazy, I know.

Now, I did get about this far last week and decided that I’m not a 32, but closer to a 36. Too bad there wasn’t directions written for a 34, which would have been better for me, but I ripped out the x-small and cast on for the 36. So that’s my story.

The garden is a delightful work in progress as well.  With weeks of warm sunshine, no rain, it’s been growing like crazy.  Lots of tomatoes are getting bigger and the lettuce is huge.





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