Oh my, this week went fast! I was thinking this morning I hadn’t taken any photos at all, but I guess there were a few from our biking day, a few of knitting, and creatures great and small.  Want a bunny?  Got it this week.  Kitties are always hanging around of course.  And how about a Belted Galloway?  That had me screeching my bike to a halt to check out!

For this week’s ride, we went down to Richmond and biked the dykes.  From just south of the airport, starting at Terra Nova Park, down to Finn Slough. Fortunately that brings us through Steveston, a quaint fishing village and really really good fish and chips on the beach.  All in, it was about 22 kms and completely, totally flat.

tera nova park



finn slough

belted galloways

The rest are just random shots from this week.




morning sky2

I’ve been steadily working on my  Beatnik (below this post) and random washcloths when I want to be able to talk to someone when I’m knitting.  This week’s work in progress will be different though…it may involve some shiny new windows!  See you on Wednesday!

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