wip wednesday – the windows

I’ve been wanting new windows for years and years. And years. A number of them had failed and so they were very cloudy with no chance of sunshine ever coming though them again. And this spring, after the dreaded harmonized sales tax went bye bye, we decided to bite the bullet and get them replaced. All 26 of them. We’ve got a lot of windows in this here house!

Bright and early the truck and workers arrived and quickly got things unloaded and started things moving.





They’re so bright and white…kind of shocking after the black metal windows we’ve had, with the dreaded fake leaded diamonds.  As of this morning 11 are done, that leaves 15 to go. Things are looking much more sunshiny around here!


As for other WIPs, I’ve been sequestered away from the mess and noise, working steadily on my Beatnik.  No drastic changes, just getting longer.

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