Hardly any photos this week.  It’s getting into the dog days of summer.  With my cat.  And the kids.  This coming week is the last week having my son home.  Soon he’s back to school, far away.  And a serious 2-year commitment in his program will leave him with very little time to come home.  No long 4-month breaks like this one.  I’m excited for him, but….  sigh.  I’m going to miss him so much it makes me nauseous just thinking about him leaving.  think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts….

A little crafty distraction: a pin cushion for my sewing needles.  Needle cushion?  Sure!

needle cushion     needle cushion

Early one morning:

early one morning

The last bloom of the St. John’s Wort:

st. john's wort

Herbs are growing:


Hanging out with the hairy boy and the girl on a Saturday afternoon:

rocky and robin

Lazy afternoon:


Ah yes, enjoy these dog cat days of summer!


4 thoughts on “34/52

    1. kate lore Post author

      Thank you, Monica! Birds do need to fly and I’ll see this one again in December. Thank goodness for things like texting, FaceTime, Skype! 🙂


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