It is September already! We started the week off with golfing at Gleneagles on a beautiful day.


A birdhouse along the way…

birdhouse gleneagles

we had rain this week, a thunderstorm and a feel of fall…

patio rain

First stop, first thing when I wake up…

coffee station

On alert…

the rock

Queen Ann Lace pattern, this with some of my handspun…

handspun blocking

Playing for me before he left.  And now he’s over 6,000 kilometres away and a four-hour time change.  sigh….  But oh look, yarn!  Crocheting!  Multiple projects at once!


And Look!!  Tomatoes from my garden.  I really didn’t think it would work, but somehow it did!  One I had to throw away due to something having a snack on it, and there are lots and lots of green ones still there.  Finger’s crossed!

first tomatoes

And that was the week.  Next week looks like a lot of golf (yay!) a lot of crocheting (yay) and hopefully more red tomatoes.  Have a good one!

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