Oops.  I really meant to post yesterday, got the draft ready and uploaded photos, then went into a different zone for the rest of the day.  But it’s a new day now, new week.

So about last week.   We drove 8 hours to Quesnel. Played lots of golf – 3 rounds. Did lots more driving – up to Prince George to visit a friend and look around.  Played more golf in Quesnel.  Visited friends.  And then the big push home with lots more driving – 8 hours back to Vancouver. Needless to say, I’m tired.  (hence a day late)


scenery at rest stop

The obligatory self portraits at the rest stop…

self portrait

We stopped in Williams Lake to have an early dinner with a friend and when we came out it was pouring like buckets.  It lasted long enough to wash all the dead bugs off the windshield and drench us on our way to the car, but as soon as we started off again, it stopped and we had rainbows.

double rainbow

rainbow skies

We stayed this trip at the Billy Barker Casino and Hotel.  Well, it’s unique, that’s for sure!  Actually it was a lovely room, filled with old stuff antiques.  We were far away from the casino, so heard no residual noises from that.  And best of all, it overlooked Warren’s grandfather’s home and we looked out at Warren’s bedroom windows when he was little.  Pretty cool!

billy barker

20130908-075113.jpg     20130908-075105.jpg

And then the golf.  Not many photos taken, but it was gorgeous warm, sunny weather and we golfed with a good friend.  What could be better?  Well, I could play better, but whatever!

warren and ken

And then we risked life and limb and passed a plethora of logging trucks on our way up to Prince George.  BC is a huge province and 10 hours of driving from Vancouver gets you to about smack-dab the centre.  But this was the most north I’ve been in Canada.  I’ve been to Alaska about 20 years ago, but different country.

logging trucks

After a breakfast date with an old friend, we drove up to the University of Northern BC campus to check it out.  It sits up on a hill overlooking the town.  It was a pretty fall day, but it won’t be long till the snow is flying and it’s cooooold!


unbc botanical gardens

unbc flowers

Letting the mister take my picture.

me unbc

More driving…

drive north

Sunset over the Hoy House.


Driving back home there are lots of rest stops along the way.  This was by far the most interesting and unique.  A large settlement of old buildings from the 1800s and a nice little stroll along the lake.  Perfect for my back.

108 mile house rest stop

Car activities…

car crocheting

And finally, our favourite breakfast spot in Quesnel, Granville’s Coffee, served this to me our last morning.  Loved it!


That pretty much sums it up!….  keepen ze haut kaffe off l’area de oolala!

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