There is no denying that Fall is in the air.

fog and hydrangeas

We’ve had some beautiful, warm sunny days this week and we tried to take advantage of it with a bike ride around Stanley Park and a few walks to the store and library.  But this coming week is forecast to be rain.  I refuse to give up my birkenstocks yet…and shorts and tee shirts.  I’m not quite ready for cold weather.

A mid-week ride around the seawall at Stanley Park sure trumps a summer weekend.  Much less traffic on the bike path…yay!  The views are still just as pretty…

seawall biking

One of the best views in the city is Siwash Rock.  I was very happy to get it with the late afternoon sun…


False Creek…

false creek

I met a friend at the art gallery yesterday.   They had the same exhibit as in April, with the same rotunda art.  That’s five months.  They really need to change things up more!

vancouver art gallery

art gallery

The rest of the week was filled with my scarf factory.  I’ve made four of the crocheted Queen Anne Lace scarf pattern (even though I only have 3 shown here) and 1.75 Montego Bay scarves.  These will be donated to the craft table at the Sons of Norway pancake breakfast in October.  I think I’m done making scarves for a while and it looks like it’s going to be blanket-making weather again soon.  I’m looking forward to picking up my linen stitch blanket and ripple blanket and getting them finished.

scarf week

I still need to line this, but I did use it to throw my stuff into for our bike ride.  It did great…and no snags on the basket.


My hairy boy snoozing in the sun.  He does enjoy a good sunny spot and is just asking for a good belly rub…which he hates…


Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “37/42

  1. Andi

    Fantastic scarf coming from the scarf factory!
    Now I have to ask, what happens if you dare to rub that tummy. Do things get ugly quick?
    Just asking because I am not sure if I could hold myself back, unless there would be blood involved. 🙂

    1. kate lore Post author

      Thanks for the scarf love! I’ll never get tired of making them!

      Now, if you dare touch the belly, he will endure for about a nanosecond, then yes, blood is likely to be involved. Actually he gives a warning bite first, then if I’m too dense to get the message, out comes the full battery of weapons! I love him anyway….

  2. naomi

    i enjoyed your sunny day pics this summer…so gorgeous when it’s nice out. i’d pay the rainy day dues for those beautiful days. oh, rocky…really? no belly rubs? sighs.

    1. kate lore Post author

      thanks naomi! yes, when the sun is out, it’s spectacular and we pay for it with the rain…..which is what we’re doing this week…heh. sigh…no belly rubs, but he LOVES chin and cheek skritches, and cuddles…


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