The lost week.  I spent it coughing.  And when I wasn’t coughing I was sleeping and napping, sprinkled with more coughing.  Curses!  But I did get good knitting time in, wore my candy-corn socks and drank lots of tea!

lounging with knits

Anyway, progress on my Beatnik sweater.

a start on the front

I finished off the back and got the front started and I’m about half way up the front section.  I’m determined to get it done to wear this fall/winter if it kills me.   Well, if the coughing doesn’t do it first.  I’ve finally managed to remember some of the cabling patterns, so I don’t need to study my notes for each and every row.  And unfortunately that has meant unknitting 2 rows and reknitting it due to my inaccurate memory of things.

beatnik progress

Also, I blame the new shows starting up on tv, a movie with subtitles and a cat who doesn’t take “no, you can’t get on my lap right now” as an answer, a new iphone and yes, more coughing.

resistance is futile

rocky and his toy

For some throw-back fun, how about this gal? Good lord, how can that be me?  20-year-old me.  But what fun I had…here I was riding horses on a beach on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland.  My horse, Daisy, would take off as soon as we would get on the beach.  We toured for a week on horseback through the countryside, stopping in small villages at night, exhausted, exhilarated, smelling very horsey after a day’s riding.  I can still conjure up the smell of the little pubs we’d invade at the end of the day, their smell of wood and guinness and whiskey.

summer of '77

One thing I’ve learned is to hang on, life is going to be an adventure!  And maybe a bit o’whiskey for the cough?

9 thoughts on “39/52

  1. Andi

    Sorry to hear you are sick. But you are wicked productive when you are.
    The Beatnik is looking incredible.
    Really, how can you go wrong with fabulous striped candy corn socks and a cute kitty face?
    The pic of you on the horse is too adorable.

  2. naomi

    that’s you? at first glance i thought…sarah! 🙂
    sorry you’re under the weather…really hope you feel better soon!
    love your candy corn socks and your sweater is looking fabulous.

    1. kate lore Post author

      me! thanks, naomi….I thought of you and E when I found this horsey photo…. I practiced up at the stables in PV, before we went, riding english saddle….so different and so sloppy! (edit: slippy, not sloppy) hah.


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