autumn plaid shawl

This was my intro back into weaving.  It’s been a few years and so I found (via my sister) a youtube video for simple warping.  I grabbed this yarn to use as my warp yarn…it has long colour changes and I thought it would be great.  Well, the colour was great but the yarn stuck to itself, so with every change of the heddle position, I would have to unstick the yarn.  I almost cut it all off and threw it away, but then I decided to just plow through little by little and see if I could make it work.  And I did.  And it did.  And voila!

At this point I was thinking that I made a HUGE mistake.  HUGE!  Oh Kathleen!

autumn shawl

And then I stuck (har har) with it.  My edges are quite uneven, but whatever.  It’s just for me.  And now I’m wanting to warp up the loom again, with something much more smooth and much skinnier.

And here it is, all finished, blocked, knotted, hanging around, waiting to be worn this Thanksgiving weekend…

autumn plaid2

autumn plaid1

autumn plaid3

The warp yarn is a lovely skein my sister brought me from Turkey: Alize Angora Gold Batik, 602 yards.  I used all but a couple of yards to warp it on my 24″ rigid heddle loom.

The weft yarns are KnitPicks Gloss Lace in Cypress and Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool Silk in Copper.

The finished size is 18″ by 64″ and 6″ fringe.

And now in action:




Our usual walk over to the library…  I got to try out the shawl/scarf, get a book by Alice Munro (yay Alice, congrats on the Nobel Prize), and the Mister got to practice his iPhone photography.

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