Image 5


Beautiful Autumn weather last week and it’s supposed to be this week too.  I’m feeling better and can now go for a walk without collapsing in a pile of leaves…well maybe that’s exaggerating things a bit…but it’s hard to walk and cough….ahem….


I had one decadent pity day where I laid around with the cat and books and podcasts and knitting and tea and music and I think that helped get me over the hump.  We all need a day like that now and then…I just wish they didn’t come with not feeling well.  I’ve been using my ripple blanket but I’m not calling it done yet.  I really want to do a border, but I’m just trying to finish up other projects first.


I finished my woven shawl and it’s a really nice weight to wear around the house, out for a walk.  Definitely seasonal colours will limit its use, but winter doesn’t come for another couple of months, so it should get lots of wear.

autumn plaid shawl

I’m almost done with the front of the cabled Beatnik sweater and I posted this photo this week on instagram.  And then I noticed I made an error in the cabling.  Rats!  I am NOT going back and fixing it though.  Life is too short.  Too many projects on the burners.  And I’m not pointing it out.


And now for the creatures.  I brought this cardboard scratcher home and Rocky immediately fell in love.  It’s not like I don’t have them all over the house already…but it was new and so so scratchable!  It probably had a bit of catnip on it as well.  Anyway, he laid on it, scratched on it, sat on it.  He’s so easy to please sometimes.

Image 3

We’ve had so many deer in the neighbourhood this fall.  While they are usually seen along the greenbelt in the back, it’s rare that we seem them sauntering down the middle of the street.  This little guy/gal was having some munchies in our neighbour’s front yard.

Image 2

So I’m off in a short while to go for a walk through the Seymour Demonstration Forest while the Mister and the Oldest Daughter go for a bike ride.  I’d rather walk it today with my music and nature.

This is our Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  We have a whole weekend to decide which day to celebrate and our family is gathering tomorrow at the in-law’s.  We’re just missing our Lad who is so busy busy busy (that he can’t call his mother) working at school and projects and such…  I’m thankful for everything we have and for happy, healthy kids….just please call your mutha!

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