The Autumn Blues edition.  These are the good blues.

Walking on the seawall in West Van…




Not blue, but the changing leaves are getting to the “omg how gorgeous” stage…



I’ve been doing a lot of spinning this week.  I’ll show more later this week, but this is where I’ve been parked lately…

the spinning spot

When I spin, it’s a good thinking time for me.  Almost like a meditation, and it’s when I do a lot of brainstorming.  And listening to music.  And thinking of things I really should be doing instead of spinning and thinking.  And wondering how to dye the perfect green.  My crockpot has been busy lately and my laundry room is smelling very sheepish.

Sunny spots in the afternoon…


Sneak peaks of what I’ve been working on…

Delicious malabrigo roving.  I could literally curl up in this and sleep forever…

love malabrigo

…and some of my dyeing… sample “a”


More on these later this week.  So for now I’m back to the wheel…have a good week!

6 thoughts on “42/52

  1. Monica

    Gorgeous picture and priceless spinning spot. I’m always looking forward to your posts– they are so inspiring! And many, many times I wished to be your neighbor. If only I could produce such beautiful things by association 🙂 have a great week.


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