spinning tales

This week it’s been all about spinning…well a little dyeing and knitting too.

love malabrigo

I bought this Malabrigo merino roving, Whale’s Road, a couple of weeks ago in Seattle and I couldn’t wait to spin it up. I mean, that colour just is to die for and trust me when I say it feels like a cloud but softer. I spun like a fiend and voila, 382 yards. No intentions for it yet except to let me stare at it and give it a comforting squeeze. Oh malabrigo…

malabrigo nube

malabrigo whales road

I got out the old crockpot and decided to try my hand at dyeing roving.



I have these leftover bits, which is Knit Picks Bare Stroll roving. I’m trying to get a good emerald green without breaking down and buying emerald green dye. It’s hard! The first attempt came out too light, the second a bit dark and the third a bit kelly-ish. I really like them all and actually the darkest comes closest to what I think of as emerald….mainly because I have my birthstone ring to colour match. But it’s dark.



So….I ordered emerald green dye. I’ll be interested in seeing how it measures up to my samples. I dyed 25 grams each, spun them to approximately 65 yards each.

I finished this shawlette in some of my handspun from 2011.  I like to hang on to things for a long time apparently.

textured shawlette

It’s Peas and Cornbread from Freckle Face Fibres… merino and tussah silk.

peas and cornbread

textured shawlette2


textured shawlette detail

Whoa nelly it’s soft! I improvised the pattern and used almost all of its 340 yards . I am putting it aside for something new coming up….

And lastly, putting me to shame, I bow down to the master spinners…the spiders. You can’t walk 2 inches outside without running into one of them. So awe inspiring!

nature's jewellery

spider spinning

9 thoughts on “spinning tales

  1. Hands down, no contest…you are the queen of all! I am so envious of your beautiful spinning. Then you go and create that shawl. The queen I tell you!

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