Less than 10 weeks left to go in this 52 week project!  And sorry, this post is all over the place!

It’s become a habit now on Sunday mornings to sift through my photos from various devices… my Canon Rebel, aka the big girl camera, iPad, iPhone and now a new little compact Nikon.  Our previous point and shoot has quite a noticeable squiggle or two on the lens and I can’t get it removed myself (except with photo editing) and to get it fixed properly, it involves sending it to Ontario.  We’re not sure it’s worth the money and time to do that.  So instead we nipped over to London Drugs and bought a Nikon CoolPix .  It’s small.  So small that I dropped it on our first outing with it.  It just slipped out of my hands and onto the pavement.  These photos were taken after my curse-filled drop, so I don’t think any harm came from it.  **remember to use the hand-strap**

almost gone

fall colours

The macro works pretty nice too…

macro leaf

There are some big trips coming up for some of us in the coming months and it gets to get its first workout when Sarah heads to Kenya next week.  I have a feeling the macro won’t be used much there…and I’ll have to remind her not to drop it out in the Masai Mara.

I finished my handspun textured shawl this week, as my previous post highlighted.  Just a couple more photos from the photoshoot with ….  hm, she needs a name doesn’t she?

textured shawl 6

textured shawl 7

We went for a walk around the central Lonsdale neighbourhood and found this little park tucked away… Wagg Creek Park.


And yesterday I went to the Knit City event.  So many people and vendors and yarn and it was overwhelming.  I managed to get what I went for….  roving to dye and spin, some dye….  And most fun, I got to finally meet a flickr/instagram/ravelry friend who I’ve *known* for a few years, the very sweet Rosemary and her friend Michelle.  It was fun to wander around and get excited about all the yarn and patterns and samples.  There may have been a lot of touching and petting and squeezing the yarn.  It was so hard to stay focused and not stray from my shopping list!



We took this as we were saying our goodbyes and missed taking a picture surrounded by all the yarny goodness.  But bonus, we got the crane men and glorious sunshine.

I’ve blocked the front and back of my Beatnik sweater.  I’m working on the sleeves, but thought it would be easier to block in pieces rather than when it’s all done.  I was afraid that it was going to be too small, but blocking it relaxed those cables and I think it’ll be just fine.

beatnik blocking

I finished my Knit Picks Stroll stash by dying it in more greens.  I really love how this came out…the colour isn’t true here but in person it’s brighter.  I hope to get spinning this this week.

hand dyed

And lastly, Happy Halloween!

deer daughter

My dear, deer daughter…her costume seems appropriate for where she’s going in November!  Wild girl!  And not to be ignored, oldest daughter is currently in Japan….I just don’t have a photo of that!

One thought on “43/52

  1. I love everything about this post, the nature shots, your new roving and OMG the one you dyed is to die for! And finally your deer daughter, she is a beautiful dear.
    Signed- your anonymous sister haha

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