Time is speeding by…it’s November already and with it the gloomy weather of November.  Although, this morning as I write this, it’s bright and sunny.  I’ll get out and walk in the sunshine later today.

japanese maple

Right now, my kids are flung far and wide, over three continents…Asia, Africa, east coast Canada, and here at home sits their parents, feeling excited for them, worried about them and… well, it’s just weird that they are old enough to be off on their own adventures so far away. These three little munchkins grew up so fast.  deep sigh….

kids collage

I’ll add in a little more distance this week when I travel down to Washington State to visit my sister.  Yes, let’s add in one more location, so the 5 of us are in 5 different cities, 4 countries, 3 continents.  And let me say, thank goodness for instagram, iMessage, FaceTime and all the wonderful and easy ways to keep in touch!  It makes me sleep a little better at night.

We had a large alder tree taken down this week.  It wasn’t anything we planted, it just grew on its own.  We’d trim it to keep it away from the house, and then one morning we woke up and it was practically leaning on the house, hanging over the chimney.  Probably not the safest thing and with the storms of November starting, we decided it needed to come down.  These guys showed up and had it down in an hour.  Chop chop, chip chip…gone!  The house is safe again and I can have a fire in my fireplace without worrying about trees catching on fire!

tree removal

Here on the home front, I’ve been spinning and dyeing.

I’ll call this one Emerald City.  It’s Knitpics Stroll, 200 yards

emerald city collageThis fibre was in my stash and it’s a mystery…where it came from, what it is.  It looks like maybe a merino/tencel blend.  I spun this up to 160 yards and I’ve named it: It’s Spring…Somewhere.spring somewhereI dyed some roving and lace-weight yarn yesterday…both merino wool.  I used the same dye bath and they came out completely different.  Oh, I have so much to learn!!



I used a different brand of dye this time, Gaywool Bush Blend in Cypress, and I’m not sure I’m a fan.  The soft blue/gray roving was in the crockpot for hours and the water wasn’t clearing up, so I decided it was enough.  But with all that colour still in the water, I decided to try the skein of Knitpicks Bare Lace I’ve had….maybe I could use them both to weave a shawl…  Well, hello bright aqua blue!  And after it came out of the pot, the water was still brilliantly coloured.  I think I like the Jacquards better at this point.  I also bought some Greener Shades acid dye and I’ll try that out this week.  All I can say, it’s fun to experiment and play around with chemicals, and it’s smelling very sheepish around here!

And yes, I changed up the look of the blog again.  I’m surprised I kept with the last template for so long, but I liked the format.  This is one is a similar layout, but has a bit simpler and cleaner look….  And who knows how long it gets to hang around.  I love change…except when it’s my kids growing up!

One thought on “44/52

  1. You’ve been very busy… Some really pretty outcomes with the colors, even the soft grey one that refused to be aqua!

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