Week 45.  This post is a bit late, but it’s because I was driving home from my sister’s today.  She had another surgery this week and I really needed to be with her.   My photos this week are all iPhone and instagram photos, but photos weren’t my priority.  I’m always surprised when I see how many I’ve taken.  Anyway, the week in photos…not a lot of talking.

It started with some walks around the neighbourhood…not bad views eh?

hiking downtown view

deep cove


And then it was time to get on the road and head south of the border…



There was some side-by-side spinning by us sisters.

double spinning

Delicious banana walnut pancakes.  Even the cat approved.


Surgery went well.  Recovery can be kind of a bitch.  I love my sister and want her back to her old self.  She’s on the way…


missys maple


and then time to hit the road again…


and back to my local leaves…


And there you go.  I’m tired and really don’t have much to say except I’m glad this week is over!

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