We’re into the doldrums of November.  It’s been cold rainy weather most of the week so I decided to take up a paintbrush and paint the staircase.  54 balusters, 4 newel posts, 3 handrails. 2 coats.  And then I decided what the heck, as long as I’m covered in paint, might as well redo the inside of the front doors.  But then I ran out of paint.  So today I’m finishing this project and saying never again.  I’ll paint walls.  I’ll paint trim.  I will never paint 54 balusters, basically twice, again.  But boy they look nice!

finished staircase

The only crafting this week was to ply my handspun and a little crocheting.  This was something I had crock-pot dyed a few weeks ago to quite surprising results.  I was expecting something very different, but I like what came out.  I named it November Skies.  Kind of grey/blue/stormy.  243 yards of merino, spun to a light worsted weight.

november skies

I made another crocheted Queen Anne Lace skinny scarf.  This was out of Mochi Plus, two balls I stole from my sister.  But it will be donated to our box of things to sell, so it’s for the greater good.  I bought a few more balls of the Mochi this week.  It is so lovely to work with, so very very soft.  And it makes for a nice long skinny scarf that can be looped a couple of times around the neck.  It’s 80″ long and this is Autumn Rainbow colour way…

queen anne scarf mochi plus

And the next one in the works, in Seafoam…

moche plus blues

One more week until my safari daughter returns from Kenya.  From her instagram posts, it looks like they’re having an incredible trip.  I can’t wait to get her home and hear about all her adventures! I hope she doesn’t mind me slurping one of her pics.


And now I think I’ve procrastinated enough and it’s time to get the dreaded paint clothes and finish those doors.

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