What a strange week for me this was.  I was thoroughly possessed.  I couldn’t stop myself.  Do you ever have a time like that?  Ideas  were flooding my brain and my hands can barely keep up.  Notes!!  Take Notes!!  What this involved was a hook and some yarn.  And this is what I made.  Details on Ravelry.



And I finished the Queen Anne scarf out of Mochi Plus, in seafoam.  Sooo soft! Ravelry link.

queenanne seafoam mochi2

And there was weaving too!  This was fast.  I warped up my loom on Wednesday and had it off the loom on Friday.  The warp is Yarn Pirate in “Kate” … how could I resist that one!  It’s a sock yarn…bamboo and merino.  And the weft is Knit Picks Lace Bare that I crock-pot dyed to this turquoise (sort of by accident).  It is about 15″ wide and 63″ long, plus fringe.  Ravelry link.

woven kate1

woven kate3


Yeah, I’m pretty happy with how this came out!

It’s been a week of some pretty spectacular sunrises.  I crawl up on a desk and point my camera out the skylight to get these.  Totally worth the effort to see these.

sunrise collage

And lastly, my daughter is flying home today from Kenya.  I need to know how close she was to this! (another slurp)


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