Yes, I was the one with yarn on the beach.  I brought 11 skeins with me and used all but a bit.  Instead of knitting needles, I packed one hook.  And instead of a complicated pattern, I stuck to two that are stuck in my head…the granny square cowl and queen anne lace.  I made 4 of the granny-square cowls, both out of Mochi Plus and Lion Brand Amazing.


Anyway, as I sit here under blankets and a cat, with the fireplace roaring, I’m posting this.  10 days of early mornings on the lanai, 10 days of sitting on the beach, 10 days of lively conversation around the shared dinner table, my fingers were busy.




And then I had 3 skeins left of the Mochi so I came up with my version of a lei…  Queen Anne Lace pattern, connected to form a cowl.  It can be worn as a single loop or doubled to bring it up around the neck, and because they look like little flowers… a lei!  I gave 2 to my fellow hawaiian travellers, my sister-in-law and our friend, to help keep warm as we travelled back to the land of ice.  I can’t believe how cold it is!



And yes, there were other things happening, like golfing, hiking, swimming, drinking happy drinks…  But that is for another post.  For now, happy crafting!

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