Two more weeks of this project!  I seriously thought this morning…. do I need to finish this?  My photos this week are pretty sparse, even though I took photos all week.  I had a project for a friend, photographing her gorgeous and delicious specialty chocolates.  I delivered the photos to her yesterday and now I have all the samples…yum!!  I think that trade worked out well!


We had a dusting of snow this week, nothing like the big storms back east, but a respectable little bit to make things look wintery.  Now we’re back to rain and more rain, but nothing like a forest of teeny christmas trees with lights to keep things merry and bright.


The kids are really not happy with us this year, opting for these little ones instead of a big one.  The Mister and I just didn’t want to do it.  I told them they were welcome to drag the big box up from the crawl space, set it up, light it, decorate it, reverse the process and drag it back down to the crawl space.  I have a feeling these wee trees will be hanging around.


And the Lad is back home!


He flew in from Halifax early this week and has settled back in.    When I saw Rocky laying on top of him while he was reading on the couch, I knew all was well.  The cat has forgiven him for his abandonment.

I was hoping to go through my Hawaii pics this week and get them edited, but I didn’t have a chance.  I did do one.  woo.  This was the black-sand beach that we hiked down to from the Pololu lookout.  Well worth the effort!

pololu beach

Knitting and crocheting are progressing along, although there aren’t going to be any crafty gifts this year.  But there will be all of us gathered here for a week of games and puzzles, chocolates and treats and hopefully good fun and cozy times.  Have a good week and stay warm!

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