slip sliding away

A new year to me means new dishtowels and washcloths.  I don’t know why, but it’s the first project I like to get started with for the year.  This year I used Purl Bee’s Slip Stitch Dishtowels pattern and Lion Brand Recycled Cotton in rose coral and sand.  I used the Three-and-One Tweed Pattern, one dishtowel and two washcloths, casting on 35 stitches for the latter, eliminating the icord edging and hanging loop.


Now, that I’ve put Christmas away and have my dining table back again, I’m going to get my loom warped up.  Maybe even today.  With the extra leaf in, the table is the perfect length.  The loom is clamped at one end, the warping peg at the other, crank up some music, maybe some vintage Simon and Garfunkel today, and before you know it, voila, ready to weave!


It feels strange not to be doing my 52week project, but also it’s a little liberating not have to go through and edit a lot of photos.  Instead, doing one a day over here is much more manageable.

Have a good week!

4 thoughts on “slip sliding away

  1. Lovely post. I listened to the entire S&G album you posted as I sit here recovering from a total knee replacement. Somehow it moved me so much and reminded me how lucky I am to have lived in this time frame/ Had it not been for your wonderful post I would not had taken the time to reflect on what a wonderful and lovely coming of age time it was for me and so many others. Thanks again for posting this and I love your blog, always so inspirational. All the best in this New Year.

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