a new adventure

For years my sister and I have thought about selling some of our crafty creations.  If we lived in the same city, we would have loved to open a shop together, selling yarn, meeting friends, being surrounded by it all.  But alas, we live not only in different cities, but different countries.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  So then we thought about opening an etsy shop and then we’d forget about it, then talk about it some more, and on and on.  Well finally we did something about it.  When I was down at her place visiting last week, we took the plunge and opened our little shop, Emerald Lotus Fiberarts.

screenshot etsy

We constantly need to make things and there are just so many scarves, shawls, socks that our people can wear.  And since we can’t stop making, hopefully someone will want to help us out!

Once we figured out the logistics of how we can make this work, it was really pretty easy to create the shop.  We decided that Melissa will have the physical shop… inventory and shipping.  When I’ve made some more items, I’ll just zip down I5 or take the train and bring them to her to add to the shop.  But we’re in this together 100%.  Our name is a combination of the two of us.  Melissa lives in Seattle, the Emerald City.  I live in Vancouver, BC, also known as Lotusland.  We really loved the combination of the two to make a name that reflected us both.  Or I guess it could have been Melissa and Kate’s Overabundance of Crafty Things.  Hmmm, maybe not.

This summer we hope to have a booth at her local Saturday Market and that will be a great opportunity to meet people and get immediate feedback on what we need to make more of.

It’s been a lot of time on the computer the last few days getting things up and running and I think we both are longing for some quiet crafting time.  And over the next few days we’ll be adding more things to the shop.  A little here, a little there.

So besides the etsy shop, we also have a Facebook page and a blog that I’ll be updating.  I’ll be adding a link in the sidebar to them both as well.  So that’s the latest of what’s going on around here and I’d love to have you come visit and tell us what you think!


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