painted desert

This is a hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn I created using KnitPicks’ Bare, peruvian wool, and Greener Shades acid dye.  It came out much more intense than I was intending, but I love how saturated the wool became and I didn’t want any of the natural white showing through.  I struggled with what to name it…thinking it looked like some of the heliconias that we saw in Hawaii, but after spinning it up, it looks like a painted desert to me.  So voila!  It’s 256 yards at 14 wpi (dk weight).

IMG_5506 IMG_5568 IMG_5549

Also this week, I spun up a skein of superwash corriedale from SweetSheep that I purchased long ago.  Its colour way is called Forlorn and it does look a little forlorn next to the intense Painted Desert.  But it is a lovely subtle colourway… They’re like extroverted and introverted sisters.  Forlorn is 234 yards at 10 wpi (worsted weight).

IMG_5570 IMG_5562

I’ll be adding both of these to our etsy shop once I get them to my sister’s, probably later this month.  Until then, I’m keeping them safely hidden away and trying really hard not to wind them up and knit with them!

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