a break

Well, that was nice.


I’m just popping in to say I’m here now, rested and relaxed after a caribbean cruise, on the aptly named Emerald Princess.  I booked this trip way before we decided on Emerald Lotus for our Etsy shop name.  That must be my lucky word!  But now I’m home and busy sorting through piles of laundry, bills and photos.   The laundry and bills have their own schedule and must be done, the photos I tend to push aside and “get to” when I have time.  Well, I never have time, so I’m doing them now… this morning.  Loading over 200 of them onto my flickr site, then probably a few over here.

I’m happy to report that knitting was worked on, even with a rum drink and a gorgeous sunset.  One man came up to me and asked why in the world I would be knitting on a cruise… like I was sitting and doing my taxes or something.  I just told him it’s what I do… it relaxes me and is just natural to do anywhere I am.  If I’m sitting on a deckchair watching the sunset and the beautiful caribbean sea roll past, I’ll probably have my knitting with me.

And I’ll get back to that knitting in a bit… as soon as I’ve finished with those photos!

4 thoughts on “a break

  1. Linda

    Wondered why there were no posts for a bit. Glad to see you had a great time recharging your batteries in such a beautiful setting.

  2. Monica

    Ah the Caribbean…part of my DNA. I get very nostalgic just to think about those waters! Glad to know they treat you well. Cant wait to see the pics and knitting.


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