olive this shawl!

Usually when I have a new shawl/scarf off the loom, I think it’s my favourite.  I know for a fact this one is.  The combination of the warp and weft yarns were perfect.  The drape is so lovely I can’t take my hands off it.  But I’m saving it for the shop/market booth.  Good news is that I have more of these two yarns to make another one, and then another…

It is Zauberball Starke 6, a sport-weight yarn and it is a wool and nylon blend.  The weft is a lace-weight alpaca and silk blend.


olive shawl4

olive shawl3

The finished size is 12″ by 65″ with 6″ fringe.  It’s listed on my Ravelry page and will be added to the shop this month.

It finally feels like spring around here…  the sun is shining, the grass is green and it’s warming up a bit.  On the plan today will be a good housecleaning, open some windows and get the fresh air in and plan the next shawl!

Happy April!

8 thoughts on “olive this shawl!

  1. Hi Kate – I’m chiming in here with my Yay for Olive! What a gorgeous shawl you’ve created! I’m excited that you and your sister are collaborating and designing and, most importantly, sharing your gifts with the rest of us! Hugs from one of your fans! xo Frances

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