weaving wednesday

It really is hard to come up with a post title that’s somewhat clever and unique, especially when most of my posts involve the same thing: woven scarves and shawls for our Etsy shop.

I had two more commissions, both by my dear family members.  Daughter Robin requested one be made for a girlfriend’s birthday and the other was by dear Husband for his Auntie’s 88th birthday.

Robin went through my stash and chose my Heart of Gold handspun that I did last year for her friend’s shawl.  I paired it with Louet Gems fingering and was very happy with what came out of it.  It’s so satisfying to weave with my handspun.  I really need to do more of this… and luckily I have a lot of the handspun leftover to make another one!



Warren also went through my stash with me and chose the warp yarn for his auntie’s scarf: Yarn Pirate’s merino tencel in muted blues and purple.  I picked out a Madeline Tosh Lace to go with it.



Happy birthday to both the beautiful ladies!

denae lona shawls

The last woven shawl is one I made for the shop.  It’s a combination of Zauberball Crazy and alpaca silk lace.



I had a couple of skeins of Liberty Wool and did some short crocheted scarves.

elf crochet scarf collage

All the details are on my Ravelry Page.

I’ve made the project pages on Ravelry viewable to everyone, you don’t have to be a member to see them.  And because I keep that very accurate and up-to-date, I haven’t been adding to the project page here on the blog.  It was just too much doubling of information.  Got no time!  Got to Weave!  I am also able to now link the projects on Ravelry to specific blog pages now, so I’ll be doing that… sort of a reverse of what I do here.  I figure if you are interested in that information, chances are you are already a Ravelry member.  If not, it’s a free site… you just need to sign up!  And the resources in there are just about infinite.  So get on that!

Happy mid-week to you!

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